Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial

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This simple idea is lovely as a centerpiece, and it’s perfect for a Fuffin’ Awesome baby shower! The flowers can be used in a variety of ways, but I love pairing items up to create gifts that are both beautiful and useful.

All you’ll need are a few supplies!

How to:

To start, simply fill your vase, to the top with Eco Nuts. If you are unfamiliar, Eco Nuts is a brand of laundry detergent. Their product is a soap nut, which is totally nut free (it’s actually a berry).

You can learn more about soap nuts here. This gift is ideal for a baby shower gift or housewarming gift. Soap nuts are 100% natural and gentle enough for even baby’s delicate skin. They are also cloth diaper safe.

Next up, you’ll want to make your flowers. They are very easy to make, as you can see in the tutorial images to the right.

Start by stacking 4-5 coffee filters. I used 4 on two, and 5 on two, just to get a little variety. Use your wire to puncture the filters from the bottom, loop and then go back down from the top to the bottom. Secure by twisting the wire together.

Once the wire has been secure, grab the top coffee filter and sort of scrunch it together. Continue that process for each layer until you have crumpled each later.

Next, wrap your wire around the bottom of the flower a few times to secure it. This will help keep the layers together a bit, and it will make positioning them easier when you are ready to put them in your vase.

Finally, begin opening up your flower to create a full, natural look. When done, they sort of remind me of carnations or peonies (which I love!)

Arrange in your vase or use to decorate a wreath. The options really are limitless!

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