Create Your Own Minecraft Birthday Invitation

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Procrastination is my favorite. I did recently read that it’s great for creativity and my life tells me that must be true. Big deadline? No problem! Put it off until the 11th hour and it’ll get done. Birthday invitations and cake designs are no exception to my master procrastination powers.

This year I threw together this invitation, commissioned by my son, for a sleepover birthday party. He loved if and I hope you and your little (or not so little) one will too!

If you have Photoshop, you are welcome to download the .PSD file. You will need a couple of fonts: Minecrafter & Minecraft (both are free!). Simply install and then open up the file and edit the text.

If you do not have Photoshop, or any PDF or photo editing software you, I would suggest downloading the JPG and editing it for free at Simply upload the image, add your text, save, and print.

Alternatively, you can simply print the JPG onto any paper that you can write on (try a Sharpie for glossy). No editing required!

These invites are 2 per page and formatted to fit on a standard piece of paper (I use a full sheet of photo paper). You could easily print it on smaller paper and scale it to fit.

Choose a file type below and get to editing! I hope you enjoy it.
Minecraft Invite PSD
Minecraft Invite JPG
Minecraft Invite PDF

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