Fun DIY Glue Snowman Ornament

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I saw a melted snowman ornament on Pinterest, but it used several materials and well, it really wasn't my style, so I started thinking how I could adapt it to be easy to to make for kids, and with fewer materials. I landed on this guy and I love him :)

What you'll need:

School Glue (the white stuff)
Ribbon or String (about 3-4 inches)
Colored Sharpies
Wax Paper

This fun snowman is easy to make, and a great craft for kids. It uses hardly any glue, so a whole bottle should make plenty of snowmen to help decorate your tree!

Using string or ribbon, make a small loop to use as a hanger. (If you don't want to see it in the glue once dried, you could skip this part and add it later by poking a hole in your snowman.)

Get out a piece of wax paper and your glue. Lay down your hanger and then use the glue to create the snowman shape (or other fun shape of your choice!) Be sure to fill your shape in fully with glue. Let it dry overnight, or until the glue has turned clear.

If you'd like for your snowman to have arms, you could lay tiny sticks in the glue!

Once it's fully dried you can carefully peel it up off of the wax paper, it should come up easily.

The next step is to get out your markers and have fun. Make eyes, a carrot nose and button mouth. Add fun snowman type decorations like a scarf, vest or whatever your child thinks up.

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