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Who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee or hot tea? Gone are the days of giant pots of coffee sitting around warming for hours and then being dumped when someone finally realizes that it’s been sitting there for far too long. But what is a coffee-lover to do when they want to keep sustainability in mind? Keurig machines are all the rage these days, but disposable K-Cups, which are comprised of an outer plastic shell, foil top and inside filter, are wasteful. The Keurig machine really does promote a disposable lifestyle, making the machine less than ideal for those of us who don’t want to contribute to such a wasteful ideology.

I admit, I am a huge coffee lover. I love my morning cup of coffee, my midmorning cup of coffee, my afternoon cup of coffee… Okay I pretty much love coffee at any time of the day. I have to admit that I sort of wished that I could buy a machine, but I just couldn’t do it in good conscience, even when I heard about reusable cups, but then my husband bought me a Keurig for my birthday and I fell in love. Before I ever took the machine out of the box I knew that I wanted a reusable cup - no excuses!

I searched high and low and researched the various reusable cups on the market before choosing “the one”. Hands down the best cup on the market seemed to be the Ekobrew, so I hopped on Amazon and plunked down $10 for this miracle cup and lived happily ever after in caffeinated bliss. Seriously.

The Ekobrew is BPA-free, easy to use and to clean and unlike the Keurig branded cup, the Ekobrew fits perfectly inside of your machine just like any other K Cup – no crazy assembly needed. The cup features a metal screen filter and a lid with a built-in gasket to prevent leaks during brewing.

To use, simply fill the Ekobrew with your favorite flavor of coffee. Be sure that the rim of the cup is free from coffee grounds and snap shut. Insert the cup into your machine as you would with any other cup, close the machine and select your coffee size. That’s it! When you are done simply remove your Ekobrew, open the lid and turn it upside-down over your compost collection container (or trash can) and tap with a spoon, emptying the contents. Rinse and reuse! I wash my cup well with soap and water as needed.

The Ekobrew works incredibly well and I am sort of baffled by how I ever made coffee without it and my Keurig – it’s just SO easy and produces a truly satisfying cup of coffee! The lure of these machines is sort of undeniable if you are a coffee lover, and with the Ekobrew reusable cup you can still get all of the lovely flavors that you can find in the disposable K cup versions but without all of the waste. The Ekobrew also comes in a stainless steel variety but I did not purchase it because the price is significantly higher and I was unable to find any reviews of it, though I would love to try it and let you know how that goes as well.

A few notes about using the Ekobrew

I find that a standard grind works best, if you grind your own beans use a medium setting. I tried a course grind and that was entirely too weak and the fine grind clogged the screen making it impossible to fill the cup with coffee. I also find that filling the cup all the way to the fill line is too much and can result in a slower pour and the chance of spillage. I fill my cup to just below the fill line as seen in the photo to the left.

Since this is a screen filter there is bit of sediment at the bottom of the cup, I simply choose not to drink the last drink – problem solved!

I love this cup and mentally thank my husband for pushing me into the dark side with each and every sip of delicious coffee!

Have any questions? I’d be happy to answer them! You can find out more about this cup and the brand behind it on their website I hope this post has helped you decide on a reusable cup for your machine, or set aside any worries you may have had about how well a reusable cup may actually work.

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