Unexpected visitors? Get spiffy in a jiffy!

This article, entitled "Unexpected Visitors? Get Spiffy in a Jiffy!" comes from Annie Payne, MomsEveryday blogger from Western Colorado.

We’ve all been there. The phone rings. Long-lost cousin so-in-so is rolling through town and wants to stop in for a visit, but the house is a mess, the kids are half naked, and the dog inexplicably smells of bologna and mouthwash. There is no time to panic. This is kind of thing super moms are made of! It’s time for action! Here are some tips to get your house spiffy in a jiffy.

First, concentrate on surfaces: Countertops, table tops, and seating. Now remember this is not advice for everyday cleaning, no ma’am. This is company-on-its-way advice. I have a box right now in my laundry ready for just an emergency. You know that pile of mail, and school papers, and half an art project that is on your kitchen counter right now. That goes in the box. You’ll have time to sort later. Just get that box and use the swinging action of your arm to put all of it into the box. Now, hide the box!

This goes for the couches too. That pile of laundry you have neglected folding all day or the backpacks that got haphazardly thrown there after school, those go into the box. Some boxes may need to be bigger than others. Remember, there is no shame in this. We all know that every other day you are little merry homemaker and it’s only the days when you have unexpected company it when you leave your laundry on the couch.

What about the dishes? Yes, there is a solution for this. Everything goes in the dishwasher. Whatever doesn’t fit in the dishwasher goes in the stove. Just remember to take it out when “Cuz” is gone. I’ve melted my pancake skillet this way. No judgment here.

With surfaces cleaned off, it’s time to shine your chrome faucets. Shiny faucets give the illusion of clean. And that’s all we are going for is the illusion. Right? This goes for any glass too; give any glass that will be in eyeshot of your guest a quick wipe down.

Surfaces done, now on to floors. Even with a little disorganization in the house, which everyone understands, floors are a good indication of the homes general cleanliness. I hope you have a vacuum that can go from carpet to hard surfaces easily, no time for a broom and a mop. Can’t let your guest walk in on wet floors. Just do a quick spot check for melted/hardened ice cream on the kitchen floor and call it “good.”

And, of course, and most importantly…the bathroom. Your dear cousin is probably coming to use your home as a rest stop. Stock the paper, shine the faucet, check the bowl for undesirables, and leave a fresh hand towel and soap for clean up.

Run, run, run, then breathe, Mamacita. With any luck you won’t see Cousin so-in-so for another six years and you won’t have to do this whole routine again. As for the half-naked kids and your minty, bologna dog, you are on your own.

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