Dividing household responsibilities

Nothing can be more frustrating for a working mom than feeling like a one-woman show. In a home where both mom and dad have to work or a single mom is running the household, everyone in the home needs to pitch in and do their share.

Divide the household responsibilities equitably:

First, let everyone in the house know the expectations. Mom is more likely to get help when assignments are made, chore charts are used and everyone knows what is expected of them.

One way to share the work load if moms is working outside the house is to have mom in charge of shopping and cooking, while dad and kids pitch in with the laundry and cleaning.

Kids should be responsible for the family pets, their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Everyone eats, so everyone should have a dish night.

Finally, most working families take time at least once a week clean the whole house from top to bottom. This is as important is any other business meeting or appointment. It needs to be put on the calendar. Make sure everyone is home to take part in the general clean-up of the house. Then don’t forget to celebrate and relax together for a job well done.

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