Household Quiz: Domestic Diva or Lady of Leisure?

The inspiration for this blog post came from Facebook. A popular time waster pastime of Facebook users is taking quizzes. I’ve created my own quiz to help you assess your attitudes toward keeping house.

Now, dads, don’t feel slighted if I’ve left you out of the loop. I know there are many of you that do your share around the house. If it makes you feel any better you can come over to my house to organize my spice drawer or fold laundry. But you can’t use my Dyson. Then what would I do for fun?

How would you characterize your cleaning routine?

A. It’s a top priority. Nothing else happens until the house is in order. Certain chores are done on specific days.
B. I clean when I have time and when company is coming over.
C. Love me, love my mess.

Which answer best describes your attitude towards laundry?

A. I pre-treat stains. I fold promptly. I never let ironing or laundry sit.
B. I have a regular laundry day.
C. I get dressed out of the dryer.

How would you characterize your feeling on household cleaners?

A. I’ve tested and compared several different cleaners. I’ve settled on what works best, regardless of the price.
B. I buy whatever is on sale, regardless of whether I know it works or not.
C. I use Windex on everything.

Which answer best describes your attitude towards your bed?

A. I make my bed first thing in the morning. I arrange each of my fifteen pillows with tender loving care. I vacuum my mattress. I regularly launder and iron my sheets. For an extra bit of luxury, I use a lavender spray on my pillows to help me relax at bedtime.
B. My bed serves more for function than fashion. I wash my sheets regularly and flip the mattress when I remember. I’ve been known to fold and stack clean laundry on my bed. I might skip making my bed on the weekends.
C. My greatest joy is to eat in bed. If there is laundry on my bed when it’s time to sleep, I just climb under the clothes. Another name for my bed is “couch,” because I watch TV there, too. I don’t usually make my bed, because I might want to get back in it in a couple of hours.

Which answer best describes your attitude toward your floor?

A. I have a “Hawaiian-style” home. All shoes come off at the door.
B. I’ll ask people to take off their shoes if I just swept, vacuumed, or mopped. I don’t ask my guests take off their shoes. I don’t want to embarrass them in case they have holes in their socks.
C. I don’t ask people to remove their shoes. They may need them to protect their feet from what’s on my floor!

How would you describe the division of responsibilities when it comes to household chores?

A. If you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.
B. I do most of the work around the house, but leave the least desirable chores to the kids. Isn’t that what we have them for?
C. Hey, if it bothers you, you can clean it up!

If you answered mostly A, you are a:

Domestic Diva – There’s not a mess that you can’t handle. No stain goes untreated. No pillow goes un-fluffed. You are the type of housekeeper that others envy. You make it look so easy.
As much as your cleanliness is to be commended, don’t forget the reason you do it: You do it for the benefit of the people that live and visit there. Ditch the plastic covering on the furniture. Take time off from dusting the back of switch plates to spend some more with the ones you love. You’ll never see a gravestone that reads, “I wish my house were cleaner.”

If you answered mostly B, you are a:

Middle of the Road Molly – Congratulations! You are average! You understand the importance of keeping a tidy home, but you don’t let it run your life. Your house is clean, when it needs to be. You like an orderly home, but won’t sacrifice time with family or friends to do it.
Perhaps, now, it might be time to step up your game. Asking for more help and setting regular routines will help you have more order in your home. Be proactive when it comes to cleaning your house, focus on maintaining instead of waiting to clean until it’s messy again. This will help you to avoid the mad dash of pick up and put away when friends phone to say they are five minutes away.

If you answered mostly C, you are a:

Lazy Lady of Leisure – (Channel Ricky Ricardo) Lucy, youz got some `splaining to do! Peter Walsh isn’t going to come to your rescue. You’ve got to dig your own self out of this one. Your house didn’t get that way overnight. It’s going to take some time to get it in order.

Start with small steps. If you can’t tackle a whole room, start with the flat surfaces, like the countertops or tabletops. Purge all the garbage, sort what is left, and then assign it a home. Enlist the help of others in the household. It didn’t get messy on its own and it won’t get cleaned on its own, work together to create and maintain a well-kept home. A messy home not only drains your energy, but it could also make you sick. You very well could end up with a gravestone that reads, “I wish my house were cleaner.”

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