How to Prepare for Houseguests

This article, entitled "How to Prepare for Houseguests," comes from Annie Payne, MomsEveryday correspondent from Western Colorado.

Making houseguests feel welcome doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or wreak havoc on the family schedule. Here are a few easy tips for a stress-free visit from houseguests:

Whether you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom or your guests will be bunking on the couch, make sure they have the essentials.

Provide them with a bedside lamp, an alarm clock, and a place to charge their mobile phone.

Take a cue from well-run hotels and provide a basket of “goodies” for your guests. It might include a new toothbrush, a map of the area if they will be sight-seeing on their own, snacks and a bottle of water. Adding a “goodie basket” to your guest room lets them know that you put some time and thought to their visit.

Just because your guests are sleeping on the couch, don’t deny them the civility of sheets. Provide them with a complete set of bedding, just as if they were sleeping in a real bed.

To avoid confusion at the towel bar, supply them with a towel that is a different color than your own. Spare them the discomfort of playing Russian roulette with the used bath towels.

Even though you have company, life still continues. A good guest and host should be considerate of each other’s schedules. Nothing makes a guest feel more uncomfortable than the feeling they are getting in the way.

Making your guest aware of the bathroom schedule is particularly important if the level of available hot water is an issue. Some people in the house might opt to bathe or shower at night to insure everyone will have hot water.

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