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If you’ve been out shopping lately you’ve probably noticed that it’s the time of year again when household items go on sale to help co-eds get ready for setting up housekeeping at college. But the sales aren’t just for students; this is perfect time to take inventory of the needs and wants of your home, especially the linens and things.

Invest in quality linens for everyone in the family

Imagine that you had to wear the same outfit everyday. Day in and day out, the same shirt, the same pants, everyday. What fabric would you buy? How much would you spend? Wouldn’t it make sense to spend more to purchase something comfortable, durable, and of excellent quality?

If you spend eight hours in your bed each night and you change your sheets once a week, it’s like wearing the same outfit everyday. Wouldn’t it make sense to spend more money to purchase sheets that are comfortable, durable, and of excellent quality?

Kids are people too. Don’t deny them the civility of quality bed linens. If getting them to sleep in their own bed in as in issue, it could be because, although those Dora the Explorer sheets are adorable, they are as comfortable as sleeping on a map, on a map, on map, ON A MAP!

Have them close their eyes and do a feel test on a higher thread count. They don’t need the 150 thread count character sheets. They sleep with their eyes closed anyway. You’ll sleep better, because they are sleeping better with 600 or above thread count sheets.

Towels are not meant to be heirlooms

Before your out-of-town guests arrive is the time to take a good hard look at your towel situation. Don’t be caught sans washcloths or with fraying bath towels or stained dish towels.

Towels come at many price points and can be an inexpensive way to freshen the look of a bathroom.

Consider providing your guests with towels in a different color than the ones you are currently using. This will help them avoid having to play Russian roulette at the towel bar of shared bathroom.

Give your kitchen towel a good, long sniff. If they don’t smell clean, even after coming out of the wash, it’s time to toss. White bar towels are ideal for a kitchen for their superior absorbency and bleach-ability.

Table linens aren’t just for special occasions

Table linens serve double duty; protecting your table from damage and they serve as decoration. Table linens appeal to both Homies (Home and Garden enthusiasts) and Foodies (Food and Dining enthusiasts) alike. Both would agree that a well-set table makes a meal more enjoyable and appetizing.

Don’t be intimidated by table linens. If you have never collected linens, start with one set of at least four place settings of coordinating mats, napkins, and napkin rings that can be easily maintained by laundering or wiping clean. They are widely available at many price points and are eco-friendly.

Don’t let the co-eds have all the fun. Take yourself linen shopping. Togas optional.

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