Save the Drama for Your Mama

There are two types of kids. Kids who behave better for other people than for their parents and then there are the kids that are better behaved for their parent than other adults.

My boys are better for other people. At school they are respectful and hard-working. I’ve been know to act incredulous whenever someone compliments me on my well-mannered sons. Pleased, but surprised, nonetheless.

At home, they are loud, messy, and roam around the house like a pack of hyenas. If you hang around my house long enough, you’ll hear me say, “You wanna act like animals? I’ll put you outside like an animal!” My sons have spent many an evening coolin’ their jets on the back porch with the dog.

My daughter, on the other hand, is an angel at home. She is helpful, loving, and prides herself on being able to keep a tidy bedroom. But, at school, she is hyper, talkative, and has no concept of personal space. Recently, at church, a little girl said to me, “Is that your daughter? I know her. She is crazy.”

I believe, for the most part, that kids are a product of their upbringing and I take full responsibility for my kids' behavioral shortcomings, but I would rather my missteps in parenting be seen only by me in the privacy of the four walls of our home and not on display for the whole world to judge. I created their drama. They should save it for their mama.

Does your child fall into one of these categories? Is your kid a happy home body/menace to society or a home-wrecker/ model citizen?

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