Finally, a Museum You Can Yell In

There is an amazing new indoor place of awesomeness for kids. And I mean a real place of awesomeness. The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is a great spot to spend time with your children in a safe, educational and super fun environment. I had the misconception that the museum would only be for bigger kids but I was so wrong. My daughter is 17 months and she motored around and loved every inch of it. Their "Little Discoveries" room has a tree house with a slide, a pulley system, stuffed animals and to make parents feel safe: padded everything! It's great for littler ones. Bigger kids will love the "Cloud Climber", it is a 2 story climbing tower made of floating clouds all enclosed in netting so it's both safe and challenging. A beautiful interactive canal runs around the "Cloud Climber", so water-loving children can splash their hands and play with boats, fountains, and dams even in the winter.

There are so many great exhibits and activities at the Discovery Museum that you (parents and kids alike) will be thoroughly entertained. Their gift shop is beautiful and full of so many creative, unique toys and learning tools. I wasn't surprised to find out that Emily Reid (owner of Rockabye) is running the gift shop. She has amazing style and taste. Their "Picnic Place" is a great space to bring your own lunch and feed your kids a healthy, homemade lunch or snack. These guys thought of everything.

We all know Northern Nevada winters can make it challenging to get outside with little ones. I bought my family membership and know it will get used a lot, especially once it gets cold. I'm leaving out so many cool things about this museum, you'll have to go see for yourself! I must have said "This place is fantastic!" at least 50 times. The Discovery Museum exercises their brains, their bodies and their creativity. And FINALLY, a place I don't have to "shhh" my daughter when she wants to hear how loud her voice can get.

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