Healthy and Happy


Recently my daughter went in for surgery to remove her adenoids, which is a simple procedure with very little risk. When the nurse wheeled her away to the operating room, I felt my heart sink as I watched my little girl get taken away.

I knew it was nothing serious or life threatening, but there’s still that fear every parent must feel when something is wrong with their child. I can’t imagine how brave the families of children with a serious illness or disability must have to be. To watch your child be in pain is the hardest thing for any parent to witness, especially if it is an illness with an uncertain outcome.

My daughter was absolutely fine and came out of surgery beautifully. When we were in the recovery room waiting for her to wake up, I just looked at her tiny helpless body sleeping and felt so grateful to have a healthy, happy child. It can be hard to appreciate every day when there are small battles to be fought, but moments like this just remind me how lucky I am. Having a healthy child is such a gift and one that is so easily taken for granted.

As we prepare for the arrival of our second child, I hope for the same good fortune of a healthy, happy baby. All the nonsense melts away when health is gone and I will try to hold on to this feeling of gratitude for all the healthy people in my life.

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