It’s Potty Time!

I remember reading an article when I was pregnant that told a glorious tale about a woman who had potty trained her child by 8 months. In my ignorant state I thought to myself “I too will take this path and have a potty-trained child before age 1.”

Oh silly, little me, clearly I was delusional.

Here we are almost 3, and we are finally getting it down. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a ways to go with the nighttime potty issue, but during the day we are pretty stellar. Some panties make it through the day longer than others, but never a miss when it comes to #2.

I have naturally resorted to the tried and true method of bribery, which works great. I have no shame that I use Nerds as the perfect payout.

Once again this whole experience of being a mother has taught me that having expectations about anything can often lead you to disappointment. The more you can be open to any situation and how it will go, the more satisfied you will be with the outcome.

After we had missed the “potty-trained before a year” mark, I felt really disappointed that I hadn’t accomplished that goal. Then I took a step back and realized it did not define me as a mom, didn’t mean I wasn’t good at parenting…it just meant I needed to wait till my daughter developed enough teeth to truly appreciate Nerds (oh and not have high expectations).

Sometimes when we set our sights on what should be, we miss out on what is. And my kiddo is way too cool for me to expect her to be anything different than exactly who she is.

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