Little Miss Independent

I couldn’t wait till the day my daughter could do things all by herself. I never wanted a child that clung to me, constantly asking me do everything for her. Well I have certainly got my wish. Not only is she very independent, she doesn’t want me to help her do anything! Simple things like pouring milk or stirring the eggs I can totally get behind, but when she says she doesn’t want my help swimming and I watch her sink to the bottom of the pool I know it’s time to intervene. Parents have to walk such a fine line between teaching our children to be independent and confident but at the same time accepting of assistance from those trying to help. I watch my daughter’s 2-year-old hands struggle at trying to put on her shoes. My instinct is to just jump in and do it for her, but I hold back, watch her struggle and then when success is finally achieved a valuable lesson is taught to both of us. My ability to resist the urge to do everything for her will be her success in trial and error. Now if she could just learn to change her own diaper (or maybe even go potty in the toilet) I’d be one happy mama.

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