There's a First for Everything

As a first time mom, everyday is a learning experience for me and my daughter. She's about a year and a half, which is odd cause I swear it was yesterday that I was walking around my block carrying this big baby-filled belly. Now she is a running, screaming, laughing, eating, mess-making machine. And I love every minute of it (well almost every minute). Now that we are past the stages of the wobbly-head, crawling, and mushy foods, everything becomes a little easier. She can eat what I eat, walk with me as I walk, and hold my hand as I cling to hers for dear life. She can tell me what she wants and needs…all these things that make my life a little less challenging.

Seeing this evolution has been fascinating. I know it seems so simple and obvious that a child grows up, learns how to do stuff, and then one day miraculously becomes a person functioning in society. The thing is, it becomes really amazing when you're watching it all happen so intimately. One day my daughter gave me a hug without me having to beg and plead. Just out of the blue decided to give her mom a squeeze. It felt awesome to have her chubby little arms around my neck and know that she felt the love. That first real hug means everything to me, it's just the beginning of all the personal connections and growing experiences she'll encounter.

As parents, we have all seen our children go through so many first experiences. I would love to read posts about your favorite "firsts" with your children. First laughs, first kisses, first words, first time driving a car (YIKES!). The tie that binds us all is our love for our families, so please, share your stories with us.

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