Two Babies or Not Two Babies: That is the Question

Finally, after almost two years of figuring each other out, we have developed a family routine. We know how to travel with a toddler, go out to eat with a toddler, and do regular daily errands with a toddler. This may all seem like old hat to a lot of you seasoned parents out there, but for those of us with our first and only child…it is an accomplishment. Now that two years old is just around the corner, we’ve been talking a lot about a little brother or sister. But I feel like we just figured this new threesome family dynamic out! Why go messing up the balance with a foursome? Then I look at my daughter. She makes me feel so much love, she makes me laugh more than anyone ever has, she completes the family my husband and I started. Why wouldn’t we want to bring more of that into our lives? When you start to add more children to the equation, doesn’t it get harder and easier? As much as I love the way our family is right at this very moment, I’m willing to take the risk and gamble on another addition. I didn’t say immediately. But I figure with two kids, I have better odds of someone taking care of me when I’m old.

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