Big Kid Bed, Big Headache

Of course the natural progression for most toddlers is to go from a crib to a big kid bed. No one ever tells you all the problems that come with this lack of confinement.

I know a crib can seem like a baby jail, but children really find comfort in the four walls and the security. I also found comfort in knowing that once I put my kiddo in the crib she was going to stay there. Well that dream is over and now I have a free-range toddler.

I have yet to find the perfect bribe, the best negotiation nor the ideal threat that will keep her from wandering around her room causing destruction when she should be snoozing away. I have now taken to lying in her bed at naptime till she falls asleep just to ensure that eyes are closed and havoc will not ensue. If naptime wasn’t such a source of much needed “mommy-time” I might be more willing to skip the nap all together, but sometimes I think it is the thin thread connecting me to sanity.

That 1-2 hour nap she takes gives me time to eat, sit, be quiet, have peace, take a shower, read, clean, just be alone…a myriad of things that are infinitely more difficult with a toddler around. We finally got potty training down so I thought that big girl room was the next step, but now I’m missing my crib containment unit.

Is it wrong to have a 15-year-old that still sleeps in a crib? I’m starting to think maybe not….

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