Another Year, Another Birthday….How Do I Stop Time?

Well my daughter turned 3 this last week and it was a little upsetting. Of course I want her to grow up, have experiences, live a life that is full and beautiful…but there’s a selfish part of me that wants her to stay exactly as she is.

I know 3 isn’t old by any means but I am already dreading the day she gets her drivers license, moves to college, gets married. All these things signify adulthood and all that comes with it. Am I getting ahead of myself?

Of course I am.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t help that my crazy brain goes there. Everything is so innocent and sweet right now. Life is perfect for her, she knows nothing but love, support, kindness and it shows in her actions. She’s so outgoing and beautiful, every time we pass somebody she says “hello”. I don’t do that and it makes me feel like a real jerk when my kid is way friendlier than I am. I don’t want her to lose any of that.

I know life can be so cruel and hard and as parents don’t we all wish we could shelter our children from the hurtful things to come? As I watched her running around the backyard at her birthday party, in full princess regalia, laughing unabashedly and completely full in her heart, I felt this bitter sweetness. I loved to see her so happy, but sadly I wished that I could freeze time right then and there and keep her in this perfect place for the rest of her life.

Then I remembered that is impossible, so I had a mommy cocktail and just enjoyed myself.

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