Friend or Foe?

This article, entitled "Friend or Foe?," comes from Annie Woods, MomsEveryday blogger from Reno, NV.

It’s amazing to me how overjoyed my daughter becomes when it’s time to see her best friend, yet all they seem to do when they’re together is argue about everything!

Sometimes sharing is completely out of the question and most games end in tears, but then two minutes later they are hugging and sweet as pie to each other. It’s a constant power struggle and search for who’s the boss in their relationship.

They are both 3 years old, so technically neither of them is the boss but still they each flex their muscle to see how much they can get away with. As a mother, I constantly have to intervene and encourage them to share and be nice. It feels like a never-ending conversation.

Then we go home, we talk about how important our friends are and how we should always treat them with lots of love. But it’s inevitable that the whole cycle will start again the next time we all get together.

On some level I find it pretty hilarious, they remind me of an old married couple that can’t be apart but can’t stand being together. And I do have to say; the moments when they are sweet to each other are quite endearing.

It just goes to show that even at a young age all friendships and relationships are complex and involve a delicate balance of give and take…but right now it seems like a lot of take and not much give.

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