This article, entitled "Bossypants," comes from Annie Woods, MomsEveryday blogger from Reno, NV.

Holy crazy 2s have set in and boy is my daughter bossy!

Yesterday I caught her being bossy to a baby on TV! She was yelling: “That is not your maraca!” at some poor defenseless kid on her Baby Einstein video. Little did she know, it was his maraca.

Forever it felt like she was just a parrot, repeating what she’d hear us say; but if this is what we sound like, we are in trouble. I felt a little better when I was at the park and I heard other kids her age with the same bossy tone.

I thought I was the only lucky mother having her daughter yell “Milk now mommy!” I find myself saying please after everything in the hopes it will rub off. Even when she’s in trouble I will say “You are in time out now please”.

I know it’s just a phase and I’m just going to have to find the humor in it. But boy is it frustrating. I know she’s trying to flex her muscles and see how much weight she pulls around the house, but lately I feel too tired to always be up for the battle of wills.

Then out of no where she’ll be the sweetest angel you’ve ever seen and say things like “Oh thank you mommy, you are the best” or “I love you mommy, may I please have some milk?”

That’s when I feel like I live with Jekyll and Hyde. I’ve just got to make it through this phase and hope that the bossypants will move on and that birthday number 3 will bring some sweetness.

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