Preschool Time

This article, entitled "Preschool Time," comes from Annie Woods, MomsEveryday blogger from Reno, NV.

Our first attempt at preschool was rather traumatizing. There were a few factors that led to the drama, the biggest one being that we only took her once a week. She never got used to the routine, and would be hysterical every time I dropped her off.

Now we are getting closer to Kindergarten, and I know we have to get her into a real preschool setting. She needs to start learning the routine of school, how to listen to and follow instructions from a teacher, how to work well with others and participate in class projects.

After looking around, I finally found a place that feels like the perfect transition from home to school. I look at my 3-year-old, and she still seems like such a baby. Sending her off to school is so scary.

I know that it is good for her to be around other kids and adults without me. I just have to get used to the idea of not having her around most of the day. I know it must be a difficult for all parents to leave their child with new people in a strange environment, even when we know it’s in their best interest.

I do look forward to hearing the joy in her voice when she comes home and tells me all about the fun things she has done all day, and I will hide my sadness that I wasn’t there to be a part of them. Parenting can be so darn complex.

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