Pretty as a Princess

A girly girl I am not. Yet somehow my daughter has turned out to be the most Princess-obsessed little girl I’ve ever met.

She eats, sleeps and breathes Princess. The Cinderella costume I found at a second hand shop has become the uniform worn for both play and sleep. She would bathe in it if I hadn’t explained that it would destroy the dress, she was still reluctant to take it off.

For Christmas she received a few more Princess dresses (since my family and friends love to feed this unhealthy obsession). Now she rotates a few times a day through different costumes, all royalty related.

As parents, we have this idea that our kids will be smaller versions of us. That we will share similar likes and dislikes. I am now realizing how much my daughter really is her own person, filled with opinions and dreams. 0

I have definitely grown to enjoy the Princess in our house, she shows me what an amazing imagination my little one has. And all those old Disney movies (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) are really quite beautifully done and fun to watch. I’ve now seen Cinderella at least 100 times, but I still get a little teary eyed when the slipper fits.

I just wish I didn’t always have to play the Wicked Stepmother or the Evil Queen.

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