Too Much of a Good Thing

I absolutely love Christmas. I love the family, the friends, the dinners, the treats, the laughs and the togetherness. And yes, if I can be honest, sometimes I love the gifts as well.

But now that I have witnessed my child in the midst of gift overload I understand why the holidays have become stressful. The idea of exchanging a small token that you’ve put thought into for someone you love has become a mass purchasing experience.

I may be only speaking for myself here, but sometimes I find myself buying something for someone just so I have a gift to give…not because I think they will want/need it.

I feel like my family, my friends and I did a great job of not spoiling my daughter too much this year. That being said, it still felt like too much. At first she wanted to play with each gift as she opened it, then she began to become so overwhelmed that she just opened stuff and tossed it aside.

I’ve heard of people giving the gifts over the week of Christmas and I may adopt this philosophy next year. I want her to enjoy each gift, see the thoughtfulness from the giver and appreciate the love she’s received. I don’t want her to race through each gift as if she was on the game show “How Many Presents Can YOU Open in 30 Minutes?”

Despite all the frenzy and newly acquired toys, I had the most wonderful holiday with my daughter and my family. I hope you did as well and happy New Year!

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