Can Honey Help My Allergies? And Other Honey Facts

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Summer means fun in the sun, outdoor barbeques and for some, the sniffling and sneezing that comes along with common summer allergies. Many people look for natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms, and honey has been touted by many as a cure-all for seasonal allergies. Are the benefits really what they seem, though? We asked Best Food Facts Registered Dietitian Sarah Downs to weigh in.

“There’s a theory that states by consuming small amounts of pollen from local honey, you can build immunity to seasonal allergies. This isn’t true, however, because seasonal allergies are generally triggered by pollen blowing in the wind from non-flowering trees, weeds and grasses, not the pollen in flowers carried by bees. And some studies have shown that bees bring more than just flower pollen back to their honeycombs, like tree and grass pollen, for example, so it would be difficult to make honey from just one kind of pollen.”

According to the National Honey Board, there are more than 300 unique varieties of honey available in the United States, most of them from floral sources. Honey may not be the answer for your allergies, but it can provide a unique flavor for your favorite recipes. Below are some interesting facts we discovered about honey and some sweet recipes!

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