Food Borne Illness Linked to Raw Produce

This article, entitled "Food Borne Illness Linked to Raw Produce," comes from Carolyn O'Neil, Registered Dietitian from

As people eat more raw produce, which can carry harmful bacteria, it has become the leading vehicle in food borne illness. And poultry, which has long thought to be a leading vehicle, is not even in the top four.

So if you're not cooking your produce, how do you protect yourself from getting sick?

All produce is different, but bacteria usually remains on the outside. Start by washing your hands, then wash the produce, remove the outer layer (when applicable), wash the produce again, then wash your hands again.

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Carolyn O’Neil has a master’s degree in Nutrition and Communication from Boston University (1980) and an undergraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition from Florida State University (1976.) She completed her Dietetic Internship at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, San Diego and has been a registered dietitian for 30 years. Carolyn lives in Atlanta and has two children, Jack 24 and Katie 21 both of whom like to cook and eat healthy foods when dining out because “My mom is a dietitian.”