Ways to Help Your Teen be a Safe Driver

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Wasn’t it much easier when your kids were little and the only set of “wheels” they drove were a tricycle or bicycle? All they needed was a helmet on their head to keep safe!

When your teen gets their driver’s license and starts driving a car, it presents a whole set of different challenges. Below are some ways to ensure that your teen will be a safe driver.

Teach by Example – Be a cautious and careful driver yourself.
Cell Phones - Teens should never be texting or talking on their cell phones at the same time they are driving. You need both hands on the steering wheel!
Seat Belts – Wearing a seat belt at all times while driving is cool, not using one isn’t.
Designated Driver – Let your teen know they can always depend on you to be their “designated” driver if they encounter a difficult situation.
Speed Limits – The limit is there for a reason – obey it!
Distractions – Keep to a minimum. Fiddling with the radio, applying make-up, drinking and eating are prime examples of distractions!! Just taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds can have dire consequences.
Gas Gauge – Teach your teen to keep an eye on the gas gauge and fill up the tank when needed – not a good idea to be driving around with the gauge on “empty!”
Directions – If your teen is driving to a new place, make sure they have written directions or have a GPS. Many cell phones now have a GPS app on them.
Roadside Assistance – If you currently belong to a Motor Club (such as AAA), make sure to add your teen to the plan.

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