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Since I am the Chief Officer in charge of making our household run smoothly, I was thinking about installing a suggestion box for my family.

Late last week, my hubby was telling me there were a couple of lights burnt out in the house. I told him the maintenance staff hadn't had a chance to replace them yet, but would get around to it soon.

On Saturday, I decided since Dominic had no clean pants it was time to do the laundry. My husband said, "well, it is kind of getting high!!" That was a comment for the laundry staff to handle.

On Sunday afternoon, as I was getting Dominic ready to go to his class at church, the hubby was asking, "hey, why don't you buy ice cream bars and sandwiches any more?" That would be a good question for the kitchen staff.

At about that same time, Lauren was asking me where I put some Skittles I just bought. The both of them had impeccable timing, I literally was hustling Dominic out the door so we wouldn't be late. If I had the suggestion box, they could put those questions in the box and I could pull them out after I got back from dropping Dominic off.

A suggestion box would also be great if a certain family member didn't like what I made for dinner. Their comment could be put in the box anonymously. Just this morning, I was asking the kids if they had any requests since I was going to the grocery store. Dominic said he wanted doughnuts and Lauren wanted candy. See, that's why I need a suggestion box!! If it works for a business, why wouldn't it work for a household?

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