The Hazards of Toy Trains = Zoe's First Unofficial Haircut

How I wish I had a picture to help tell this story. However, that would mean stopping to snap a photo of my little girl while she's screaming her little head off.

Zoe loves her big brother's toy trains...especially the Thomas ones that run off of batteries. Will sometimes drives his trains (the wooden ones that don't use batteries) over Zoe's little head, which she thinks is funny and laughs. So while I'm busy with Will in the potty, Zoe takes it upon herself to drive a battery operated train over her own head. The wheels start moving and you can only imagine what happened next...

Zoe begins screaming and I come out of the bathroom to find a train delicately balanced on her head. Only it wasn't a balancing act at all...that train was stuck in her hair. I mean really stuck. Lots of hair twisted around Murdoch's (one of Thomas' friends) little wheels. Ouch! The hair was so tightly wrapped around the wheel that if I would have cut it then, it would have left a big hole in the front of her hair. So I do the next logical thing and take the train apart. With tears streaming down her cheeks, I use a tiny screwdriver to take the battery off. That at least made the train a little lighter and gave Zoe some relief.

I'm then able to remove a piece of plastic that holds the wheels together and turn the wheel in the opposite direction, loosening the hair. After removing as much hair as possible out of the jaws of the spokes, I finally have to make the cut! You really can't tell that Zoe had a little haircut and it could have been a LOT worse.

Poor Zoe didn't even learn her lesson. A few days later, she was driving 'ole Bertie the Bus over her head. Thomas and his friends are now safely out of reach up on a shelf for now. My sweet girl will thank me someday...when she doesn't have chunks of hair missing from her head in pictures.

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Crystal Galny
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