No More Nickelodeon (and other channels) for Suddenlink Customers

Crystal Galny and Michael Oder Email

Do your kids love Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer or Paw Patrol? If you're a Suddenlink customer, they can't watch anymore...and just as Boo month was getting started :(

That's because the cable provider is in a dispute with Viacom over affiliate fees.

The midnight deadline to reach an agreement came and went with no deal being reached.

As a result, Suddenlink has removed the channels BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike, TVLand and VH1.

In their place, the cable provider will add FXX, the Hallmark Channel, Investigation Discovery, OWN, Pivot, Sprout, TheBlaze and Up!

Gene Regan, Suddenlink Senior Director of Corporate Communications, says Viacom is asking for a 50% increase in affiliate fees and increased the price of their channels on an individual basis. Suddenlink says it would be unfair to pass that cost on to its customers because they claim Viacom's channels aren't as heavily watched as others.

So while the two sides battle it out, looks like our kids will be left wondering if the Pups save Jake from the cave, or if Peppa is able to get rid of George's hiccups!

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