Random Thoughts for the New Year...

So I'm not really the kind of gal who makes New Year's resolutions, but there are a few things I will try to do better. In 2013, I will try to eat healthier and exercise more. I had been working out on a regular basis this past fall, but have to admit, I haven't seen the inside of the gym since Thanksgiving! And boy, do we like to eat during the holidays! As for eating better, I'm already off to a good start having fixed taco salad, salmon and steamed vegetables this week. It's a start...

Random Words from Will:

Proud momma moment on Christmas Day. Three-year-old Will, ran past all his presents Christmas morning, including a bike and trampoline, went straight to the Advent calendar, took baby Jesus out and exclaimed, "we have to put baby Jesus on the calendar!"

Will crawled into bed with us the other morning and said, "I love you daddy...you're my hero."

Will and Zoe are playing in the other room and I hear Will say to his sister, "I don't even know what you're saying ZoZo."

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Crystal Galny
Crystal Galny anchors News 3 at Noon and hosts MomsEveryday.com. A true hometown girl, Crystal was born and raised in Bryan and graduated from Bryan High School.

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