The Power of Three

This article, entitled "The Power of Three," comes from Crystal Galny, MomsEveryday blogger from The Brazos Valley.

For those who haven't heard, my husband and I are expecting our third child! We're due around Christmas and are thrilled to be expanding our family. Our kids are also excited about having a little brother or little sister. We started telling people last week and received some interesting reaction:

Why? You already have a boy and a girl?
Was this planned?
Get ready to be out numbered.
Life is about to get crazy.
Congratulations....I think?
If you have three, you might as well have a half a dozen.
The dynamic of three is awful. You're gonna have to have a fourth to balance it out.

Wow...thanks for all words.

My husband and I are young, healthy, loving, financially stable and absolutely adore the two kids we have. We think they are the cutest, smartest, funniest kids in the world (what parent doesn't think that about their offspring?) So we figured, let's have another one. And we feel blessed that we're able to. We know it's gonna be crazy, but our life with two kids is already crazy.

I am the middle child of three girls and my husband is the youngest of six! Now we have no plans of having six children, however, we are used to being around big families. It's so fun...especially during birthdays/holidays when everyone is together. After all the "hard" and "crazy" years of raising our little tykes, we look forward to being rewarded with a house full of children and grandchildren.

I recently read a quote that I thought was pretty good:

"Don't do your planning around the pain in the (rear) of infancy, because it's so finite. Plan it around how many people you want at Thanksgiving."

So I've learned a lesson from all the "words of wisdom" I've received recently: the next time someone tells me they're expecting their third, fourth or fifth child...I think I'll just say, "Congratulations!"

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