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Howdy, and welcome to momseveryday.com. My name is Crystal Galny and I'm the host of momseveryday.com that airs Monday through Friday at 7:25 a.m. on KBTX News Three. Momseveryday.com is a great resource for moms (and dads) to find out about events, businesses and organizations right here in our community that make life a little easier.
In addition to hosting the show, I will also be writing this blog.

So for my first blog topic...I'd like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Bryan and have been working at KBTX for ten years! I've experienced a decade of adventures as a reporter and anchor and have a lifetime of stories. You can watch me every weekday anchoring News Three at Noon and now at momseveryday.com. The rest of the day, you can find me at my full time job…

My husband, Brent and I have a 17 month old named Will. He is a "spirited" little boy who is always on the go! You can usually find him either in the kitchen playing in the Tupperware cabinet or giving fist bumps all around. He loves to play…and play hard! It’s tough keeping up with him…especially when you’re five months pregnant!

Yep…if you thought you saw my belly expanding on the air…you were right. We’re expecting our second baby in April, and can’t wait to meet her. Oh did I mention… it’s a GIRL! Will is getting a little sister, Brent will be getting more gray hairs and I get to play dress up! In all seriousness, we are all thrilled! When you ask Will where’s the baby, he even kisses my belly. So sweet!

In addition to funny stories, pictures and updates on my kiddos, I hope this blog will be a place to answer questions from all you moms out there. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to find it. I’ll also keep you posted on kid friendly events in our community, health fairs, sales, recipes, recalls and anything else I think moms would be interested in. Basically, if I’m interested in something…you’ll know about it!

From one mom to another…happy parenting!

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Crystal Galny
Crystal Galny anchors News 3 at Noon and hosts MomsEveryday.com. A true hometown girl, Crystal was born and raised in Bryan and graduated from Bryan High School.

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