Forget Your Home, Give Your Love Life a Spring Clean

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The sun is shining once more, early flowers are popping up in the grass and the temperature is slowly on the rise. It’s spring, finally! We’ve all had a wet and windy winter and now we’re able to move on and look forward to the rest of the year ahead.

Spring is traditionally when we give our homes a good seeing to, dusting, vacuuming, getting rid of clutter. After being cooped up for so long the clean is a way of releasing ourselves from our cocoon over the winter months and mentally preparing ourselves for less hibernation and more action. It’s great to spring clean, its cathartic, but for some of us a clean home isn’t enough, some of us would benefit from spring cleaning our love life too, and here’s how to go about it.

Is Your Current Relationship Working?

If you’re in a relationship it’s a good idea to take stock of how things are going once in a while and there’s no time like the present. It’s important to understand why you’re still together, it could be true love and eternal devotion or perhaps you’re together out of habit or fear of what else is out there for you. If you’re no longer making each other happy then it’s time to do something about it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to split up, a talk, some time together to reconnect or a deep discussion about the future might all that’s required to get back on track.

Desperately Seeking Love

If you’re in a relationship you know isn’t working out or if you’re single you must open yourself up to love by actively doing something about it. One of the best things you can do is begin thinking more about the partner you’re looking for, positively giving off the energy that lets your potential soul mate aware of you out there in the cosmos. You can help things along by believing your partner is just around the corner and even taking steps to find them. Head to your local psychic for a reading if you’re not sure, they’ll be able to give you some guidance. Then put yourself out there, stay positive and let it happen.

Look After Your Body

The winter often causes us to live a more sedentary life. We eat plenty of comfort foods and spend our free time staying warm in the comfort of our home. Sunlight is lacking too, and we can find ourselves not getting enough, leading to tiredness and even depression. Now the sun is shining it’s time to shed the quilt and the hot water bottle and to head outside to absorb the natural sunlight and the positive energy it produces in our bodies.

Moving on from the Past

Negative emotions we carry forward from past relationships can delay future love from arriving. You might be unintentionally putting up walls that are impossible to get over and the negative flow of energy will be stopping any positive energy from being able to reach you. Spring clean your life by letting go of all the bad experiences, hurt, regret or resentment from your past and teach yourself to think with positivity. There are ways you can do this, such as:

  • Writing down all negative emotions and thoughts you feel and destroying it
  • Writing down all positive things you love about yourself and your life. Carry the list with you to add to whenever you think of something new to add
  • Focusing on your belief in the right partner being out there for you, someone who is the perfect fit and who will love you as you deserve to be loved
  • Stopping your thought processes when they turn negative and transforming the thoughts into a more positive direction
  • Letting go of people who hold you back or bring you down – Out with the old and in with the new!

Free Yourself from Bad Habits

Bad habits can cause all sorts of problems in your life, even your love life. It’s time to do yourself a favor and get rid of these habits that all distract you from your purpose. Think about how you spend your time – too much of anything can be a problem and in this digital age it’s very easy to spend hours online, using social networks, surfing the Internet or even watching television. All these things are taking you off your path and distracting you, so it’s time to reconsider how you should be spending your time. Refocus your energy!

Susan Mitchell specializes in personal relationships. Her work has taught her that we need to examine our lives on a regular basis to ensure we’re all focused on the right path.

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