Spring Cleaning the Bathroom Pantry

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It doesn’t feel or look much like spring around here. I’ve decided that there is now a 5th season called Swinter. Yes, for any of you that have kids, I borrowed that from Phineas and Ferb. ;) Our Spring is more like Winter but it’s still time for Spring cleaning.

My bathroom pantry can easily get cluttered. I was looking for something the other day. I knew it was in that pantry but I could not find it. I knew it was time to clean it out. We have a great pantry in the bathroom. It’s huge. But the problem with it, is that anytime you put something in it, it’s likely to get lost.

Spring Cleaning

I started the Bathroom Pantry Spring Cleaning process by taking everything out and putting it on my kitchen table.

Then I went through and looked at all of the expiration dates on the medicines, etc. Make sure to look up in your area to see if there are any facilities that might have a place for you to bring your expired medicines. It’s better to dispose of them properly then to just throw them in the garbage.

I made sure to make a box that was “sell” or could be donated. Things that we hadn’t opened, that wasn’t expired, that was still good and could be given away or sold. I would set things aside as I went through them.

Once I got through all of the items that we were no longer using or that were expired, I also had plastic shoe boxes that I sorted everything else into. I was using the shoe boxes down in my basement pantry so I just re-purposed them. But you can find these at the dollar store or Walmart, etc.

I sorted the kids medicines into a box, my husband’s and my medicines into a box, my make up, my hair supplies, etc. Anything where if you were looking for something, it would make sense in which box you would find it in. This way, even though my pantry is big, I can easily shift boxes around to be able to find what I need.

Ahhhh, so much nicer now and makes my life so much easier! I can find things again! ;)

Are you spring cleaning? Which project are you tackling?

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