A Mental Health Day


This article, entitled "A Mental Health Day," comes from Erin Ferris at Chasing Roots.

I mentioned in a post at the beginning of March that from that point forward, at least through the end of the school year, life in the Ferris household would start picking up speed. It did.

I also mentioned how ready I felt to tackle March, April, and May, and that I planned to approach these three months - one of my favorite "seasons" of the year - with a positive attitude. I did.

But after one of our busiest weekends in months, and a heavily-scheduled week, I feel anything but (to quote myself in the above-mentioned post) "healthy, organized, and enthusiastically positive."

Don't get me wrong, our weekend was lovely. We had family in town, celebrated Hallie's birthday (at school, at home, with dinner and dessert out, and with a birthday party), supported Will at his soccer game and Tae Kwon Do lesson, attended a fun event at the kids' elementary school, made almost all of the decisions associated with our master bathroom remodel, worked on a few home projects, and survived Hallie's dance pictures. I also finished and submitted an 18-page writing project I've been working on for the last 10 or so days.

But today…today I just need a day off. A mental health day from writing. I have lots of interesting posts in the works, but as of Sunday night - when I sat down to pull together today's post - none of them were ready and my head just wasn't where it needed to be to get them ready. My apologies.

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