Just say ‘no’ to holiday weight gain


Okay, you’ve polished off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers and you’re trying to eat a little less to make up for all those extra calories. The problem is there are way too many holiday festivities coming up with even more yummy treats to tempt you. It’s tough out there this time of year!

So what’s a holiday-goodies-loving person to do? It’s easier to keep the pounds from piling on instead of having to struggle to lose them later. But you can still enjoy the season – you just need a little calorie control. That’s why these tips from the American Dietetic Association come in handy:

Be realistic. Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays. Instead, strive to maintain your weight by balancing party eating with other meals. Eat small lower-calorie meals during the day so you can enjoy celebration foods without overdoing your calorie intake for the day.

Take the edge off your hunger before a party. Eat a small, low-fat snack, such as fruit or low-fat cheese, before you head out the door. This will help you avoid rushing to the buffet table when you arrive.

Meet and greet. Conversation is calorie-free. Get a beverage and settle into the festivities before eating. Try sparkling water and a lime twist rather than alcohol.

Choose lower-calorie party foods. Have some raw vegetables with a small amount of dip. To help ensure there will be healthful treats, bring a low-calorie dish to the party for the buffet.

Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Develop family fun-time habits that can continue after the holiday season.

Get kids involved by finding activities the whole family can do – walk, bike, roller-blade or hockey.

Of course the busier you get, the harder it can be to stick to your workout routine. But instead of completely blowing it off, try to squeeze in at least a few minutes of exercise when you can.

One more thing that might help – when you're out for a long day of holiday shopping, take a bottle of water and some snacks with – maybe a couple of 100-calorie packs. That way, you're not tempted by the food courts.

Good luck out there!

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