Observations from my vacation to North Carolina

I don’t mind being one of those moms who uses electronic devices if it means peace and quiet.

The guys that make the rest area signs have a great sense of humor. Really a sign that says rest stop 40 minutes away.

Driving thru seven states made me have a life epiphany. I’m flying next time.

By-the-way, each state had a distinct way that their citizens drove. Here are just a few observations

  • North Carolina: SLOW
  • Illinois: Buttheads
  • Tennessee: Super accommodating
  • Kentucky: Those folks don’t know how to signal

Walking up 495 steps to Chimney Rock in sandals was not my most brilliant moment.

Yes, I was in the same town as the place where they filmed part of Dirty Dancing and yes, I did dream of staying in the Swayze Suite.

The Smoky Mountains are beautiful but the windy roads make me want to barf.

Finally, there is such a thing as too much quality family time.

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