The Company Huddle

What’s driving everybody so crazy? Well the top annoyance was bad time management - those meetings that start late or drag on forever.

Next: not having a clear direction. When every person at the conference table brings up their own issues, not only is the meeting endless, but nothing gets done!

And finally, everybody hates it when people are paying more attention to their blackberry than the meeting.

So here’s how to have a better meeting from the online career experts at

  • First, always have an agenda with a clear goal printed at the top and a time limit on each agenda item. And be ruthless, if something’s not on the agenda or someone goes over time, politely stop them and say “We’ll take that up next time.”
  • Next, assign each agenda item to a person at the meeting who has the most to offer on the topic. That way you’ll hear from everyone - not just the loudmouth – and you’ll avoid having everyone chime in randomly, which eats up time.
  • And finally, at the end, summarize everything that happened and the solutions you came up with.

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