Baby, it’s Hot Outside

Weather is the greatest excuse to be lazy, such as “it’s too hot to go on a hike” or “it’s too cold to go outside”. I’ve used these excuses many times to sit on my couch in lieu of doing anything outdoorsy. When you have kids, keeping them indoors all the time is not an option. Lately the weather has been hot, hot and hot. The air conditioning in my home calls me to stay inside where it’s cool. Sometimes I find myself telling my daughter: “it’s too hot to go out”, which really means: “I don’t feel like going outside”. But when she finally gets to go outside and she plays in her plastic pool and eats her Otter Pops, the bliss it brings her is unrivaled. Then I start to think about how little effort it really took me to make her this happy. I just had to brave the weather, get a little sweaty and take her outside. Having a kid has really forced me to quit making excuses and venture out of my comfort zone. Literally. But it’s also forced me to enjoy all the parts of nature that I had forgotten were so awe inspiring when you take the time to enjoy them.

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