Blake Shelton rescues stuck truck, proves he's just like us

Chelsi Smith

JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - It was Blake Shelton to the rescue, again.

Friday, the country superstar, a.k.a superhero, helped four Texomans who got stuck in the mud in Johnston County.

Bryar Blanton, his cousin and two of his buddies were down by the Washita River, near Ravia, when their truck got stuck in a mud hole.

Blanton says he took off with a friend to go find help. "Blake Shelton came around the corner and stopped and asked if we needed help," said Bryar Blanton. "So we hopped in with him."

Blanton gave his cousin a call to let him know who was coming.

"He was like you'll never guess who's going to pull us out, it's Blake Shelton," said Lenyell Blanton. "I was like no."

But not even Shelton's truck could pull them out, so he came up with another plan. "He decided he was going to go get his tractor," said Adrian Poplin. "He said he would be back in 15 minutes, and it was about 15-to-20 minutes when he came back and pulled him out."

After the truck was out, Shelton chatted with the guys about hunting and fishing and even snapped a few photos.

"Whenever I met him I told him what my name was and he said oh like the country singer," said Joshua Turner. "I got real excited and I didn't know what to say after that."

The guys were already big fans. "I've always been a fan of Blake Shelton, always," said Turner.

"Oh yeah I'm a big fan of Blake Shelton," said Blanton.

Shelton has properties in Texoma, and this isn't the first time he's helped a neighbor in need. During the summer floods, he rescued an Ardmore man who was stranded in waist deep water.

Lenyell Blanton says Shelton is just a cool guy.

"For him to actually make time to come back to his home state, and just to help strangers he doesn't know at all is just off the charts," said Blanton.

The guys thanked Shelton in person and on Twitter. He even responded with a little advice. "He said no problem now you boys stay out of jail."