Boy uses lemonade stand to help charity

Forrest Saunders, KCRG-TV9

FAIRFAX, Iowa (KCRG) -- Will Wehr is a Pokémon master, in training. Normally, the eight-year-old would be scraping together every penny to add more cards to his extensive collection.

But after busting his wrists while swinging earlier this summer, Will decided he wanted raise some money to help others. About a month ago, inspiration struck.

"I asked my mom if we could do a lemonade stand,” said Will. “We looked through a bunch of charities. I picked Make-A-Wish."

If you don't know, the Make-A-Wish Foundation makes dreams a reality for kids with life-threatening illnesses. Requests often range from Disney trips to shopping sprees.

For two days, Will put down the Pokémon and opened that lemonade stand in his Fairfax, Iowa neighborhood. With the help of a friend and his sister, the team was able to raise $100, charging 25 cents a cup.

"He sold a lot of lemonade,” said Tammy Tronvold, with the Cedar Rapids chapter of Make-A-Wish.

Tronvold said every little bit of money Will raised will go towards helping local kids make wishes realities.

"It's just a great story,” said Tronvold. “He had no connection to Make-A-Wish. Just, on his own, went out and did this."