Christmas, Scandinavian Style!

This article, entitled "Christmas, Scandinavian Style!" comes from Andrea Larson, MomsEveryday blogger from Fargo, ND.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone this Christmas in order to pay homage to my Scandinavian roots, and keep a tradition going in my family.

Within a matter of days, I will be attempting to make Krumkake, that light and crunchy Norwegian waffle cookie. Many years of eating them must equate to being able to cook them, right? After all, I won't be using a scalding iron like my mother used when I was growing up. No m'aam. I found a new-fangled one on Amazon that came with great reviews. Granted, some of the reviewers appear to be highly-skilled bakers, but if they can do it, I can do it!

I was feeling so bold about my decision that I signed up to make Krumkake for a Cookie Exchange. Essentially, that means I'm making about seven dozen Krumkake to exchange with a group of friends and acquaintances. They're counting on me to provide edible desserts for their family and friends. I. Cannot. Back. Out.

So I must banish from my head all thoughts of failure and past embarrassments. There's no need to recall the time I brought my mother's krumkake iron to my high school Speech class and accidentally shot canned whipped cream through the Krumkake hole and into the audience.

No, no...I won't think about that. Instead, I have visions of seamless baking and people clammering for my recipe. They might even shout..."Eg likar det veldig godt!" (I really like it!)

I can't wait! Krumkake, here I come!

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