Father's Day....Make it more than a BBQ

One of the most inspiring things ever said to me as a young new mom was...."the best thing you can ever do for your child is to love her daddy."

Now, all these years later, I can see the value in that more than ever.

There's no doubt about it, there are absolutely some horrible fathers out there. Dads that are abusive, neglectful, not-caring and down right mean. But in today's high demand world, if you are lucky enough for your children to have a daddy that loves them, wants to spend time with them, and makes them his top priority, then Father's Day is truly a day of celebration--because your children have one of the greatest treasures on earth.

I am blessed to have a great daddy. He taught me how to work hard, love God, and make sure I knew that family comes first--always. Now my husband is being that same kind of loving father to my girls. He's more than just their provider--right now he is their everything.

It's true, being their daddy is demanding. Protect them, teach them, read to them, coach them, correct them, tuck them into bed, kiss them goodnight, take them to their friends, explain to them the Cross, help them saddle their horses, dance with them on his toes and above all show them every day, by example, what to expect someday when they look for their own Prince.

Remember, being a father doesn't make anyone a daddy. Ladies, I challenge you if you have a special daddy in your life, make sure they know this Father's Day just how much you truly appreciate them. Like motherhood, it's a job that is hard work. He deserves more than just a BBQ this weekend, he deserves to know he's needed and loved.

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Rachel Phillips
Riding horses, going to the lake, beach vacations, little league sports and church activities is how the Phillips family spends most of its time together.

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