Police make 6-year-old's dream come true

Alix Casper-Peak

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Trenton Morris dreams of being a cop when he grows up, but doctors say he may go blind.

Pikeville Police, Kentucky State Police, the Pike County Sheriff and Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement came together this week to make Trenton a cop for a few hours.

Many grown adults are unsure of what they want to do for the rest of their life, but for Trenton there is no doubt.

"To put bad guys in jail," said Trenton.

"It's always his stuffed animals he's arresting or one of us," said Christy Morris, Trenton's mom.

"His vision's just so bad, I'm just really worried he'll never get to be an actual cop," said Morris.

Trenton is legally blind in one eye and doctors say he may soon lose vision in the other.

"He's always going to have his dreams," said Morris.

So Pikeville Police along with other law enforcement agencies made it a reality.

Trenton Morris was sworn in Monday morning to be a cop for a day.

Pikeville Police planned out a scenario to give Trenton an experience he will never forget.

"He said Mommy I'm a real cop, I'm a real cop," said Morris.

Starting with a ride-along, making a traffic stop and calling for back up.

"He always calls for back up in his little police car, whenever he got on there and called for back up and I saw all those cars come up the hill and the sirens I could only imagine what he was thinking," said Morris.

Ending with Trenton making his first arrest.

"We just wanted to take that problem out of his life. The only thing he saw today was his dream coming true," said Pikeville Police Chief, Phillip Reed.

As brothers in blue come together to fill a young boys desire to get the bad guys before it's too late.

The "bad guy" Trenton arrested this week was Pike County Sheriff, Rodney Scott.

Trenton's mom says doctors are trying to improve vision in his eyes but they do not know if it will help.

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