The imaginary finish line

After a couple of days off to tie up my loose ends and avoid being at my wit's end, I feel like I've crossed an imaginary finish line! I had the best weekend because of it!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a new woman! It was like my brain clicked into relaxed mode! I'd handed in all my projects that I needed to finish and felt like a college kid finishing that last final exam. The wave of calm and happiness washed over me and I was ready to enjoy the free time with my family!

I'll admit, I didn't get everything done at home, but I'm at peace with it. I decided to just have a fun weekend! I spent some wonderful time with my little baby boy, his daddy and my mom!

Chris and I enjoyed a lunch date just the two of us as Kanyon hung out with grandma. It was wonderful! We also got a chance to hit the store one more time to stock the fridge before we "hibernate" with a newborn.

I actually rented a movie (haven't done that in AGES) and made some supper for mom and I. We had some time while Kanyon napped to watch a chick flick and just enjoy a Saturday night with a dash of girl time. I think the last time that happened was probably a decade ago! Having her in town changes our time together and I hope we get more girl time in down the road!

Sunday my mom and I took Kanyon to the beach for the first time! He's been swimming in a lake before but never to a beach where he could run around in the sand. He had the time of his life and I just soaked up the moment. It felt great to get this belly buoyant! Grandma and I laughed and cheered for our little swimmer who couldn't stop jumping and splashing! Mom and I both just sat there and said, "this is what life is about!"

I am so thankful that I've reached this point. I know I've been caught up in the tasks, events and to-do lists this summer, but I can officially say I'm in a more "zen" place now and I'm ready to meet this little munchkin!!

I told baby Monday (today) at the earliest so we'll see when he/she arrives. There is a baby pool happening on my Facebook page... I don't have fabulous prizes to award to the winner, but it's been fun to see your guesses!

I am curious now to see when things will happen! Now I can say, baby: I'm ready! Here's to the many snuggles, nuzzles, swaddles, kisses and cuddles to come! I cannot wait to see who this little person is and welcome them to our happy family!

(P.S. the picture I put on here is what the nail tech talked me into at my pedicure! She said it would give the nurses something to talk about)

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Sarah Stokes
When Sarah's not at work, she enjoys soaking up every minute with her children, visiting friends and family, taking scenic drives, reading and gardening.

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