Fall Fever

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Today on a whim I threw some pumpkins into our shopping cart, just three little ones, one for each boy to paint and decorate around the house. When we were checking out, the cashier said "I see you got some cute little pie pumpkins," and I smiled at my round faced boys and said "Yes, I do!" Then I realized he was talking about the actual pumpkins I was buying. Pie pumpkins.

Oh well.

We did not make any homemade pie, but we did sit around the table together with brand new brushes and paint swirls of color on those pumpkins.

All it took was three round mounds of orange proudly displayed on the kitchen counter and we've got a little bit of Fall fever.

The early morning weather has been nothing but encouraging, with it's subtle scent of crispness. By afternoon I feel at home again in the heat, but the early morning coolness does make me a little bit excited for change.

The boys loved the surprise pumpkin painting. I can't always pull it off, but I love when I can pick Bub up from school and pull out my wild card and ask all nonchalantly "oh, do you want to go home and paint a pumpkin?" And he breaks out that beaming grin.

Until I pull out the camera, then he smothers that grin firmly with his lips because nothing would be more horrible than his mother photographing him smiling. But it's ok, I get to sit back and watch my boys being their own cool little self. Bub methodically painting a dripless masterpiece and Teebs slathering sloppy layer over sloppy layer and insisting that he has a plan, and I believe him.

I painted one for Scooter, and we set them on the counter for drying and admiring. They're perfect. Just a splash of season bursting on the counter top. Just a hint of Fall fever. With plenty of room and time for growing.

And then, just for juxtaposition. We went for late evening ice cream. Because we can. And because summer isn't over yet.

It's the perfect time of year when one season is beginning the beginnings of winding to a close and another season is eagerly, but respectfully, waiting to grip the baton and run. And we get the best of the best of those two worlds.

The best of the best with these pie pumpkins.

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