Pulling the Plug on the Pacifier

Lauren is now 25 months old. I was thinking after she turned two, we were going to pull the plug on her pacifier. Well, that still hasn't happened yet.

Lauren only uses a pacifier (or she calls it, a "bubba") at naptime and bedtime, but it's an integral part of her relaxing and sleep habit. A few months ago, one of her teachers at daycare was able to get her to stop using her pacifier during naptime there. Her teacher's approach? She told me she just started pretending she didn't know what Lauren was talking about when she requested her "bubba." We tried to keep the pacifier from her at home when that happened, and Lauren flipped out.

I'm starting to feel that the longer we let Lauren use her pacifier, the harder it is going to be to pull away. The question is how?

I've heard of children giving their pacifiers to younger babies they meet in the store or saying the pacifiers are going to be shipped to the new babies who were just born. The idea that appeals to me the most right now, however, is where you cut a little hole in the top of the pacifier, which will change how it works. The following week, you cut the hole bigger, and so on, until the child no longer wants to "broken" pacifier.

Do you have any suggestions on what has worked for you and your family? I'm all ears!

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Heather King
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