Babysitter Blues

This article, entitled "Babysitter Blues," comes from Heather King, MomsEveryday blogger from Eastern Carolina.

I'm flattered that my little girl does not want me to leave the house, but I wish it wasn't so difficult. Lauren is two-and-a-half now, and she has never been great about welcoming babysitters. We've been able to skirt the issue a lot by just making our plans after Lauren goes to bed. She's in bed by 7 p.m., so that's not a huge stretch. However, there are those times when we need to leave Lauren with the babysitter awake, and the tears flow.

I expect this is just a phase and that she will eventually come to a point where she loves having a babysitter over. In the meantime, I try to invent fun, special things for Lauren to do with her babysitter. She usually resists though and doesn't take the bait, preferring to cry instead.

We usually get a report from the sitter that she calmed down relatively quickly. However, I am curious to see what other parents of children this age do to help their little ones not be so upset when mom and dad have to go somewhere. Any advice?

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Heather King
Heather is the anchor and executive producer of WITN News at Sunrise and also reports.

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