Kate's Ears are Clear

Kate recently had tubes implanted in her ears after a difficult battle with ear infections.

It sure has been some time since I've written a baby blog. It's not because life has been dull. Quite the opposite! I think I've been a little TOO busy.

Much has happened, particularly for my little Kate. She is now seven months old, and a few weeks ago, she had tubes put into her ears. She was having a tough time with ear infections. She was saddled with a double ear infection at eight weeks as she was recovering from RSV (a virus that forced her to spend one night in the hospital). Kate then had two more ear infections before she turned six months old, and they were very difficult to cure with antibiotics. Twice, she had to have the three-shot series of antibiotics. Even the shots did not fully clear up the last ear infection; only the tubes did.

The procedure went perfectly, and as any parent who has gone through that can tell you, it's a very short procedure. Lauren also had tubes at 15 months old, so I was well aware of how quick and easy the procedure was. However, I still worried. Kate had to have anesthesia, which always makes me nervous. She woke up screaming. In the words of the nurse, "she's hungry and feels drunk."

Kate returned to her happy self later that day, and by the following morning, you would never have known she had the procedure the day before. Best of all, her ears are clear now, with the tubes perfectly in place.

Kate has also been on the move.....she started crawling backwards about five weeks ago. She can go every direction, except forward! I think she will figure it out soon. Kate is very strong and really prefers to be holding onto someone while standing up. My happy little girl also loves to chat, especially "da da da da."

Perhaps one of the best breakthroughs for us as a family is having Kate and Lauren take their evening baths together. It was a delicate dance before, but Kate is now strong enough to sit up in the tub with her big sister. It is a daily festival of splashing and giggling. Even if the afternoon has been a tough one, I can count on bath time to literally "wash away" all the issues.

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