Matchy Matchy

This article, entitled "Matchy Matchy," comes from Heather King, MomsEveryday blogger from Eastern Carolina.

At the risk of sounding like a completely ridiculous mommy, I pretty much live for these girls to be wearing the same adorable outfit. Matching hair accessories are optional.

As much as I love seeing my brown-haired, green-eyed Lauren wearing the same outfit as my blonde-haired, blue-eyed Kate, it’s pretty rare. Lauren has so many clothes, thanks to my scouring of local consignment sales and shops. She also has a bargain-hunting grandma who has a really good consignment store where she lives. Yes, I believe in the power of consigned clothes. I look for ones that are in perfect condition; sometimes they still have the tags on them. Kids at the ages my girls are go through clothes so quickly...I have no shame in going the consignment route. I do buy some things new for them, but they’re usually on sales, sometimes a year in advance. The point is, I don’t think you have to spend a fortune for your kids to wear cute clothes.

Going the consignment route does make it difficult to find matching clothes for the girls. I usually turn to Zulily or sales at Gymboree and Crazy 8 to find matching outfits for special occasions and for the weekends.

Perhaps my greatest “matchy matchy” victory is this year’s Christmas outfits. My uncle, who has three little girls, recently gave us a treasure trove of beautiful clothes that his little ones outgrew. Among the hand-me-downs was a classic silk red plaid dress, perfect for Christmas for Lauren. It was from Gymboree, so I did something I rarely do: I logged on to eBay. It didn't take me long to find the very same dress available in what size Kate will need in December. So, for a grand total of $14, I have beautiful matching dresses for Christmas.

One of my friends who also has two girls, upon seeing the girls in the matching green dresses, said to me, “Enjoy it while you can!” I believe her. I know the days of dressing my girls in matching outfits are limited, so I’m trying to make the most of it. I also realize this might be the only Halloween where I can get them into coordinating costumes; Lauren will probably want to choose her own costumes going forward. She picked her own last year with my only requirement that she pick an animal. Lauren picked a pink flamingo, and it was adorable. She told me this year that she was going to be a Lollaloopsy doll. However, this mommy had another plan. I had to do a little lobbying with Lauren, but I convinced her to be Little Bo Peep (by showing her a couple of clips of Toy Story--she has not seen that movie yet), and her baby sister will be a sheep. We tried the outfits on today, and they look great!

Do you try to dress your children alike? At what age did they stop going for it? Did you have to do any lobbying work to make “matchy matchy” happen (like I did with Lauren for Halloween)?

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